Our Leadership
Discovering God's Will for Our Lives...

“...For you are a chosen people.
You are royal priests, a holy nation,

God’s very own possession.
As a result, you can show others
the goodness of God,
for He called you out of the darkness
into His wonderful light.”

I Peter 2:9

As Christians of a Protestant persuasion,
we place a particular emphasis on
the "priesthood of all believers,"
living with the assurance
that God calls ALL of us
to serve and minister in the Kingdom.

One of the particular ways we serve
is through appointed leadership roles
within our congregation. 
In partnership with the Pastor,
our many Boards and Committees
labor long in discerning God's will
for our shared mission as "Lakewood Baptist."

Stay tuned for more updates/information
regarding our Church Officers, Boards, and Committees.